About Project

Romanian Contribution at CERN for Physics

at Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Programme / Sub-programme / Module: 5/5.2/CERN-RO

Project duration: 2022-2024 (33 months)

The objectives of this project are the following:

  • Comprehensive studies of the radioactive background for ProtoDUNE / DUNE experiment
  • Searches for dark matter using a variety of signatures of non-accelerator BSM physics
  • Participation in the CERN experiment technical and scientific activities.
  • Participation at the CERN /US collaboration meetings; dissemination and exploitation of the scientific results, communication of the results to a large audience for raising public awareness toward these problems.

In the frame of  these objectives a large class of aspects will be investigated: indoor analysis of the gradient of radon concentration and its radioactive descendants, identification of intrinsic radioactive impurities (if they exist) and internal activation due to cosmic rays (Ar-39Ar-35Ar-37Ar-39Ar-41,  Ar-42 can be produced).

For physics BSM, the investigation of detection of antiquark nuggets in a large LAr detector will represent a primary subject.

We also investigate the strategies to characterize optimally the background in solar neutrinos, with emphasis on B-8 processes.

Participation in the technical and scientific activities of the CERN experiment