About Project

Romanian Contribution at CERN for Physics

at Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Programme / Sub-programme /

Module: 5/5.2/CERN-RO

Project duration: 2020-2021 (1 year 10 months)

The objectives of this project are the following:

A. Participation of the Romanian team to test detector parameters, data acquisition, data analysis and physical interpretation of results.

B. Measurements and simulations of the radioactive background inside the detector, measurements of radon in the hall and the activation processes| in some of the constituent components of the detector, e.g. in concrete, dust, etc.

C. Contributions related to the physics of interactions of neutrinos in nuclei: 

1) The effect of new energy levels of argon that contribute to Gamow-Teller transitions, 

2) The effect of the intranuclear processes following neutrino-nucleon interaction in the nuclear medium, 

3) Parameterizations of the pion-nucleus collisions, 

4) Studies of the processes BSM induced by neutrinos will be initiated.